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Seattle Seahawks Logo

Seattle Seahawks Logo The Seattle Seahawks are a popular American football outfit that was established in 1974. The American football team is administered by John Schneider (General Manager) and Pete Carroll (Executive Vice President and Head Coach) of the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks are now headquartered in Virginian Mason Athletic Center in Seattle, Washington after having played for more than 20 years at the former Kingdome. They used to share the former stadium with the major league baseball team Seattle Mariners. The Kingdome was demolished in 2000. The Seattle Seahawks are currently placed in the NFL’s Western Division. The football team joined the NFL when the football franchises were expanded in 1976. Seattle Seahawks has the unique record of playing in both the American Football Conference (AFC) and National Football Conference (NFC) Championship Games. The Seattle Seahawks have figured in 33 NFL seasons from 1976 to 2009. The football team holds the 250–266 record. Seattle Seahawks have the honor of competing in the playoffs in ten different seasons, which includes the unforgettable Super Bowl XL in 2006 which the team lost against the Pittsburgh Steelers.


The Seattle Seahawks logo is comprised of the face of a seahawk with the eyes, beak and the neck artistically illustrating the team’s quest for glory, pride and success. Shape of the Seattle Seahawks Logo: The fierce glare in the eyes of the Seattle Seahawks logo is basically derived from the Egyptian mythology where a falcon enjoyed a superior place in the hieroglyphs. Other aspects of the logo closely resemble the Haida Eagle from the Egyptian hieroglyphs. Color of the Seattle Seahawks Logo: The colors of the logo are black, forest green and royal blue that are an inspiration from the Northwestern Native American tribal art. Font of the Seattle Seahawks Logo: The Seahawks logo speaks for itself and no font is added to spell out the name of the football team.

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