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Seattle Mariners Logo

Seattle Mariners Logo

The Seattle Mariners is a renowned professional baseball team that plays in the Western Division of the Major League Baseball’s American League. The team was founded in Seattle, Washington in 1977. The team was headquartered in Kingdome since its enfranchisement in 1977 until June 1999 when the arena was decided to be demolished. The Seattle Mariners’ new headquarters are currently based in Safeco Field.

For almost two decades, the club languished in the league tables with no noticeable wins. It was for the first time in 1995 that the team registered a remarkable success after winning its first ever division championship. The Mariners clinched the American League’s Western Division series title by defeating the New York Yankees. However, the club failed to capitalize on its maiden win and is among the three MBL teams that have never played in the World Series. The Mariners’ other remarkable feat is their record of most wins in a single season. The Seattle-based club seized a record 116 wins in the 2001 season.

The club’s name “Mariners” originates from Seattle’s prominent marine culture. The club has produced some outstanding players like Alex Rodriguez, Gaylord Perry, Edgar Martinez, Ichiro Suzuki, Jamie Moyer, Jay Buhner, Ken Griffey Jr., and Randy Johnson.


The “M’s” is the nickname of the Seattle Mariners which also featured in the team’s logo from 1987 to 1992. The team colors used to be gold and royal blue from its inception in 1977 till 1992 when navy blue, metallic silver and teal were adopted to reflect the Mariners background.

The Seattle Mariners logo is popular across the length and breadth of the Washington State. The Mariners logo was designed in 1993 and stays in use to date. The previous logos of the team that were used in the past were a commercial failure and attracted critical reviews from baseball pundits.

Shape of the Seattle Mariners Logo:

The Seattle Mariners logo design comprises of an 8-pointed compass that rests on a baseball.

Color of the Seattle Mariners Logo:

The different shades of marine blue and dull silver are a reflection of the team’s patience and perseverance which distinguishes them from their rivals.

Font of the Seattle Mariners Logo:

The simple but bold font of the logo fits in very well with the shape and design of the club’s insignia.