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Yamaha Logo

Yamaha Logo

Think of Yamaha and what comes to your mind? Motorcycles and heavy bikes? Actually, the founder of the company was Torakusu Yamaha, who was known for his prowess to produce great pianos. Despite being a top producer of high-quality pianos, Yamaha is also known for its mechanical and electronic products which the company began producing in 1954. The first logo of the Japanese manufacturer was created in 1967.

Yamaha’s logo, like the company, has a fascinating background. The logo comprises of a tuning fork which is a creation of the 1960s. The tuning fork symbolizes their strong presence in the musical instrument market.

To date, the Yamaha logo remains unchanged despite the passage of five decades. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, an attempt to get rid of the famous tuning fork to emphasize more on the name did not pay dividends. The tuning fork was reinstated to its full glory in 1998 and became the symbol of quality and excellence.


Imaginative depiction and powerful branding are the two qualities that are attached to the Yamaha logo. With slight variations, the Yamaha logo represents both Yamaha Corporation and Yamaha Motor Company. The unique logo symbolizes the character behind the mechanism and manufacturing of drums, electronics, motorcycles and pianos. Despite the fact that it was drawn more than fifty years ago, the Yamaha logo is a timeless design masterpiece.

Shape of the Yamaha Logo:

A close look at the Yamaha logo will reveal that three “tuning forks” overlap one another. Each fork represents production, sales and technology. Most of the people fail to see the philosophy behind the creative use of tuning forks and see it as an imaginative pattern.

Font of the Yamaha Logo:

The symbol, as well as the font, are timeless creations. Despite the font being blocky and squarish, it has got the strength and robust touch to it. As Yamaha continues its unique leadership in mechanics and electronics, the logo projects its image of quality and craftsmanship, magnifying the company’s glory and prowess.