Xerox Logo

Xerox Logo

Xerox Corporation was founded in 1906 as the “Haloid Photographic Company”. Originally, it was a photographic paper manufacturer which changed its name to “Haloid Xerox” in 1958. Finally, it dropped “Haloid” to become “Xerox”. Not only the company name got a buzz, but its products made a huge impact around the world as well.


Xerox Logo Evolution

Shape, Color and Font of the Xerox Logo:

Keeping in line with the ever-growing challenges and opportunities, Xerox unveiled a brand new logo in 2008, while retiring its 40 year old logo. The new logo reflects the transformation of the company from a photography and document solutions provider to a hi-tech information technology company, thanks to the innovative ideas that fuel its products and services and help the company meet the needs of global businesses.

Compared to the old Xerox logo, the new logo has got a lowercase orientation. The logo consists of a vibrant red inscription of the name “Xerox”. Next to the font is a red sphere etched with a white cross or an illustrative “X,” that stands for Xerox. The logo design is the depiction of Xerox’s strong bond with its customers as well as the tradition of innovation and ingenuity. The use of lowercase letters instead of uppercase underlines the fact that the company is keen to focus on its user-friendly orientation.


The new logo was designed keeping in mind the new trends in the age of Internet and multimedia. The original logo was, however, a showcase of Xerox’s image as “the document company” that delivered heavy-duty color and black-and-white printers, copier systems, multi-function machines, digital production printing presses along with a strong customer services arm. Many fans of the new Xerox logo like the beach ball or glossy candy feel and associate themselves with one of the greatest office solutions providers of the world.