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Would you choose the gender of your baby

Would you choose the gender of your baby? Male or female?

You answered Male, which means this baby is your name, not your boyfriend or girlfriend’s.

How do you feel about sex and babymaking?

Most people have sex with their spouse, even if this is not their baby’s rol??????e.

How would you describe your relationship with your baby?

Both parents, even if this is not your baby’s role.

Who is your favorite parent?

Most people love both parents equally, although some prefer more.

What are your favorite stories from your baby’s life?

About two years old, my baby said he wanted to go play with other kids. He had an orange baseball hat in hand, and I thought he was a big, goofy kid. ???He then picked up his ball and started chasing a ball from a neighbor’s home. Our little guy was having fun, then he asked about some shoes. He asked if I could help him out. I told him that he could come hang out at my house whenever he wa???????nted to.