Woolmark Logo

The Woolmark Company is a famous textile fiber brand owned by Australian Wool Innovation Limited (AWI) which provides pure wool related products around the world. The Woolmark logo is one of the most memorable logos ever created, renowned as a symbol of excellence and reliability.


The Woolmark logo was designed by Italian graphic designer Francesco Seraglio in 1964. Shape of the Woolmark Logo: Tacked together in a manner of a Möbius strip, the arrangement of three elements in the Woolmark logo appears to intertwine similar to a skein of wool. The basic shape of the symbol is soft yet stable, employing the fixed base of the triangle and the munificently radiused points. The reflection of positive and negative shapes and spaces in the logo provides detail without compromising reduction capability. Even more than forty years since its inception, the Woolmark logo still continues to be very friendly, contemporary and instantly recognizable. Color of the Woolmark Logo: The black color in the Woolmark logo represents purity and class. Font of the Woolmark Logo: The Woolmark logo features the Neue Helvetica typeface.

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