Woman Claims NY Yankees Swiped her Uncle’s Top Hat Logo

Author: Mohib

New York Yankees Top Hat Logo

Tanit Buday, 63, filed a claim in New York federal court on Monday, asserting that the NY Yankees swiped her uncle’s top hat logo and her uncle could not afford to mount a legal challenge for copyright infringement against the “rich and powerful” Yankees during his lifetime. She also demanded that the baseball team should hand over all profits generated from the NY Yankees logo, a top hat perched on a baseball bat, which first appeared in 1936.

A spokesperson for the Yankees rejected the claim, declaring that it has no truth to it.

To back up her claim, Buday provided testimony from a branding expert as well as a few photos of the logo containing a “P,” which she said was a signature of her uncle’s work. She also stated that the Yankees’ owners commissioned the logo from her uncle after hearing about his work from his sister, who was a manicurist in Brooklyn in the 1930s.

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