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Woman arrested over 500000 internet scammer ‘Killing millions’

Woman arrested over 500000 internet scammer ‘Killing millions’

The internet scammer responsible for over 500 million credit card frauds will be charged with fraud again.

Kathleen K. Langer, 39, was arrested in Philadelphia and charged with identity theft and criminal contempt in connection with her “Killing Millions” scheme, said the Philadelphia Division of Criminal Justice.

According to the indictment, Langer pleaded guilty to “defraudin??g a customer by creating a false identity on the Web site of a card issuer with stolen personal information including bank account passwords and bank accounts,” and was ordered to pay $250,000. She w???? ???????as given 18 months of supervised probation.

The??? ?? victim, an employee at the financial services company, is now an unsecured creditor and the company has paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars.