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Windows Logo

Windows Logo

Microsoft Windows is a family of graphical user interface (GUI) operating systems designed by Microsoft Corporation. First launched on November 20, 1985, it is now one of most popular and widely used computer operating systems with almost 90% market share in the world today.


Shape and Colors of the Windows Logo:

The Windows logo has traditionally depicted a flag. Consisting of four colored window panes or quadrants, the space between them made a cross, one of the commonest elements in graphic design. The quadrant and cross are associated with earth and land. The colors red, green, blue, white and amber strengthened the emblem’s association with earth, through fire, water, flora and fauna.

The earliest Windows logo was introduced in November 1985. From that time, the logo has undergone many overhauls, all of which were based on a four-colored wavy flag.

The Windows 8 logo, inspired by the “Metro style design”, was designed by Paula Scher of the world-renowned design agency Pentagram. It consists of a slightly-angled blue block containing a thin white cross in the middle – a deliberate attempt to make it look like a window, instead of the iconic four-color wavy flag Windows logo of the past.