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Wikipedia Logo Wikipedia is the largest online encyclopedia that offers free information on almost every subject in several different languages of the world. The reference website was launched on January 15, 2001. Since its inception 10 years ago, Wikipedia has become the world’s biggest encyclopedia, with its wide range of articles and free access the keys to its legendary success. Wikipedia has become the integral part of the web browsing experience and is one of the most popular reference websites on the Internet. Scott Moonen, the author of Wikipedia search engine, branded the old Wikipedia logo as “extremely ethno-centric” as it resembled to the American flag. In order to boost its global appeal, he advised a globe to be added to the Wikipedia logo. A new logo was unveiled which was in line with Wikipedia’s multilingual resources. Paul Stansifer, a.k.a. Paullusmagnus, came up with the jigsaw globe design. A few final touches by the Wikipedia administrator, Nohat, and the puzzle sphere became the final logo design of the world’s leading reference website.


The Wikipedia logo holds a strong universal connection with its readers. It is the reflection of the site’s extensively written and easily accessible research content that is available in several different languages. Very few can doubt that the Wikipedia logo plays a vital role in the promotion of the website and helps it rank among the top ten most visited websites worldwide. Shape of Wikipedia Logo: Having a close look at the Wikipedia logo, one can easily observe the supremacy and power of the website’s logo design. The well-structured Wikipedia logo also portrays the foundation’s firm grip on the internet. A jigsaw sphere with a few missing pieces on top forms the Wikipedia logo. This image is indicative of the fact that the reference website is up-to-date with all the events occurring around the world on a daily basis. Color of Wikipedia Logo: The Wikipedia logo depicts the foundation’s non-profit, collaborative nature by using the soft and light hue coupled with jigsaw outlines. The use of the light shades of grey color in the Wikipedia logo brings an appealing look to it and makes it an iconic and easy-to-remember logo. The Wikipedia logo also has a sublime tint that highlights the foundation’s integrity. Font of Wikipedia Logo: Wikipedia logo uses the Serif font giving it a simple yet stylish look. ‘The Free Encyclopedia’ slogan in the Wikipedia logo is inscribed in italic. Alphabets of various languages are embossed on the sphere of the Wikipedia logo, in recognition of the website’s multilingual nature.

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