Westinghouse Logo

Westinghouse Logo Westinghouse Electric Company LLC is a leading nuclear power company which provides nuclear products and services to companies across the world.


The Westinghouse logo was designed by one of the greatest graphic designers in history, Paul Rand, in 1959, who collaborated with noted architect / industrial designer Eliot Noyes, photographer / graphic designer Herbert Matter, and industrial / graphic designer Charles Eames for the project. It’s incredible that this design had an amazing all-star input, which resulted in one of the most memorable, artistic and amazing logos in history. Shape of the Westinghouse Logo: Meagerly utilizing two line weights, there is plentiful shift from the thick, round-ended line and circles to the lighter-weight lines that typify the W and the circle in the Westinghouse logo. We can notice far more visual distinctiveness, elegance and singularity than monotonal line weight would have had in the overall design. The element of circuitry and modernity contribute to the conceptual depth of this groundbreaking work. Color of the Westinghouse Logo: The blue color in the Westinghouse logo represents the element of water and high temperature.

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