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Warner Bros. Logo

Warner Bros. Logo

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. is one of the world’s largest film producers and a television entertainment giant. It was founded as Warner Bros. West Coast Studios by four Warner brothers – Harry, Albert, Sam and Jack in 1918. It stands as the third-oldest American production house after Paramount Pictures and Universal Studios. Warner Bros. has emerged as a giant in the entertainment world by acquiring companies such as Hanna-Barbera Productions, Cartoon Network, New Line Cinema and Turner Entertainment Co.

The Warner Bros. logo undoubtedly plays a very important role in the company’s dominance and presence. The logo also helped the company’s emergence as a leading entertainment provider and helped it stand out from the others. The Warner Bros. logo has evolved over the last seventy years to take its present shape and form. The Warner Bros. logo is widely recognizable due to its remarkable features.


Warner Bros. logo’s striking resolution is the key element that attracts everyone’s attention. Thanks to the use of eye-catching colors, the Warner Bros. logo has enabled the company’s firm grip on the world of entertainment. Though Warner Bros. has changed its strategies to adjust to the market conditions, it has been able to keep its strong corporate value at a remarkable height.

Shape of Warner Bros. Logo:

Warner Bros. logo is inscribed on a shield-like structure enhancing its prominent position. This shield oriented Warner Bros. logo has been used ever since the inception of the logo design. The logo is the symbol of strength, power and supremacy of the Warner Bros. projected through its shield-like emblem.

Color of Warner Bros. Logo:

The main Warner Bros logo is a blend of the hues of gold and blue. The use of shining gold shade outlines on the border of Warner Bros. logo highlights the characteristics of the company logo. Blue is the other color used in the Warner Bros. logo, amplifying the features of the logo design as well as the company.

Font of Warner Bros. Logo:

“W” and “B” are the two alphabets that represent ‘Warner’ and ‘Bros.’ respectively and are engraved on the Warner Bros. logo design. The alphabets presented in the typeface are quite simple and easy to understand as they’re presented in large and bold font. They give credence to the shape of Warner Bros. logo, propping up the beautiful look of the design. “Warner Home Video” is also inscribed on the Warner Bros. logo, giving it a captivating look and projecting the corporate ambitions of the company.