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Walt Disney Logo Walt Disney is the king of animation and graphics in the world. The Walt Disney Company is the world’s largest media and entertainment group that owns several theme parks, entertainment studios and other entertainment related products. The company was founded by Walt and Roy Disney as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio in 1923. The Walt Disney logo symbolizes a fairy-tale world, and focuses on providing quality entertainment to children. Back in 2000, the Walt Disney logo was a castle with a beam appearing from behind. The logo was modified in 2006 with a shooting star on the night sky headed to the Disney theme park. Over the years, the logo has maintained its exclusivity and success.


The uniquely designed Walt Disney logo speaks its own language. The stylized version of its founder’s signature is part of the Disney World identity. It provides parents as well as kids the message to have fun in a fairy-tale atmosphere. Shape of the Walt Disney Logo: The Walt Disney logo comprises of a castle above which runs a beam of a shooting star. The beam finally ends with a sparkle on top of the castle. The fonts appear fancy and charismatic written below the motif. Color of the Walt Disney Logo: The Walt Disney logo comprises of a castle with a blue background. The glowing beam is basically a golden version of the stars and sparks that compliments both the overall logo design. Font of the Walt Disney Logo: Walt Disney founder’s signature forms the font of the Walt Disney logo. The font fancifully highlights ‘Walt Disney’ in a subtle but bold manner. The Walt Disney studios have successfully maintained the vision of the founder which was to provide quality entertainment and maintain individuality. Today, it is a well-known brand catering to all age groups with highly entertaining cartoons, animations and movies. The Walt Disney logo is a symbol of uniqueness and outstanding values of the company and is loved all over the world by children as well as the adults.

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