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Volcom Logo

Volcom Logo

Volcom is a leading apparel manufacturer headquartered in Costa Mesa, California. The Volcom brand is home to the innovative designer clothing and accessories for young men and women. It also handles the marketing and distribution of premium quality products. The company was established by two active sports enthusiasts, Richard Woolcott and Tucker Hall, in the early 1990s.

Volcom is a very successful brand in the United States with a high demand for its apparel and accessories. Its goods are on display at many skate and surf shops across the country. Not only in the US, Volcom is also a sought after brand in 40 countries worldwide with its merchandise sold through a network of sole country distributors.

After consolidating its grip on the market, Volcom acquired Electric Visual, a popular sunglasses company, in early 2008. The company has expanded its existence in the last 15 years from a mere t-shirt company to one of the most attractive brands in the skate/snowboard/surf market. Co-founder Volcom Inc. Richard Woolcott has propelled the company with a vision and expanded it in all directions. The company was publicly listed in June 2005.

Some of the most popular Volcom Incorporation brands include ASG, Birds of Avalon, Die Hunns, Kandi Coded, Riverboat Gamblers, Tweak Bird Sexty Sexers and Valient Thorr.


“Stone” logo used extensively by Volcom has helped its merchandise construct a very unique feel. The Volcom logo has a special position in the hearts and minds of thousands of brand lovers who associate it with modern and chic clothing. It is one of the most sought-after clothing brands of our times and the logo plays a very important role in it.

Shape of the Volcom Logo:

The Volcom logo is the 2D illustration of an inverted diamond.

Color of the Volcom Logo:

Depending on the viewers imagination, the diamond is black and white in color. It has black and white triangles that give depth to the logo. The white represents purity of the Volcom brand while black reflects its sophistication.

Font of the Volcom Logo:

Volcom logo makes use of ITC Eras Bold – a font that suitably depicts the sheer distinctiveness of the mark.