UPS Logo

UPS Logo

UPS (United Parcel Service, Inc.) is one of the largest courier and logistics service in the world which was founded in 1907 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. During more than a 100 years of operations and service, UPS has achieved remarkable success and became an internationally trusted brand delivering packages throughout the world. Throughout its entire corporate history, UPS has used four logos to represent its business. Despite the changes to its corporate branding, the business kept growing and helped the company emerge as the global courier giant.

The first change to the logo was unveiled in 1916 and was regarded as the “shield" logo. That UPS logo consisted of an eagle grabbing a package embossed on a shield with the words “SAFE, SWIFT, SURE" inscribed on it. The legendary shield continues to be part of the UPS logo despite the lapse of over a hundred years.


The world-wide courier giant’s logo features reliability, strength and durability of the company. The UPS logo embodies the company’s corporate reputation in the global business scene. The current logo of UPS features a shield adorned by attractive font and colors.

Shape of UPS Logo:

The shield of the UPS logo highlights the remarkable accomplishments of the firm. This logo has remained the identity of the UPS since its foundation over a hundred years ago. However, some changes were made to the UPS logo but the shield has become an integral part of the company’s identity.

Color of UPS Logo:

The brown color of the UPS logo has never been changed or modified in the history of the corporation and acts as the trademark of the company. Other unique colors were also tried out but now the golden hue combines with brown to form an outstanding symbol.

Font of UPS Logo:

The font of the UPS logo is elegant in essence. The simple font holds some unique qualities that epitomizes the UPS logo design. The letters are inscribed in golden color that reflects the reliability of the company.

The UPS logo, without a shadow of doubt, is one of the most successful corporate identities that expresses the goodwill of the company. The UPS logo is a projection of speed and stands for its strong commercial identity.

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