Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

Toyota Motor Corporation is renowned worldwide for its cars, trucks, vans, robots and other automobile related products. The Toyota logo can be described as simplicity at its best which also carries a meaning. The original name of the company was Toyoda which was changed to Toyota as this word is written with eight brush strokes and was considered to be auspicious for the company. The decision brought lots of luck and success to the company and today it stands as one of the world’s biggest car makers.

The Toyota logo is considered to be the key element behind the company’s phenomenal success which helped it become the leader of the automobile world. The logo is a sign of elegance and simplicity and is a magnificent blend of sleekness, style, sheer attraction and practicality.


The unique design of the Toyota logo is a symbol of the company’s great quality and showcases the traditions founded by its owners back in the 1930s. The use of the overlapping ovals is a reflection of the company’s commitment to its customers and a pledge of reliability and satisfaction.

Shape of the Toyota Logo:

The Toyota logo comprises of horizontally stretched elongated ellipses. The three ellipses represent the customer’s trust; the product and the great strides Toyota has made in the field of motoring technology.

Color of the Toyota Logo:

The use of red and white in Toyota logo stand are an attractive mix. The stretched ovals are portrayed in red or metallic colors with a white background depending on the purpose.

Font of the Toyota Logo:

The Toyota logo font is inscribed in simple roman style, simple enough to attract the customer’s attention. The font is simple yet elegant and gives the Toyota logo the look that inspires beauty and confidence.

Today, the Toyota Company is a pillar of quality and trust in the world of automobiles winning the hearts and minds of motorists all over the world. Likewise, the Toyota logo is the exclusive sign of luxurious taste and quality product.