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Top official four others killed in gaza tunnel blast

Top official four others killed in gaza tunnel blast

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – The main al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent had been killing the militants across the border in Pakistan in the days before the deadly tunnel attack, an intelligence official said Saturday.

“The intelligence agency did some investigation and then got the information on Sunday that some of the m??????ilitants involved in the blast were in Lahore and the terror operation would start immediately,” the official told AFP.

“Now they’re going to start the operations on Monday… it looks like they are planning a huge operation.”

The militant group was once thought to have taken refuge in the countrynatyasastra.com, but that has been refuted by local residents and Pakistani security agencies.

The dead include two senior Pakistani officials and 11 more militant fighters killed during the offensive.

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said on Twitter that five security officials were killed.

Al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) was born in the 1990s as a branch of al-Qaeda based in Afghanistan to target American and Indian interests, with a focus on Kashmir. It has carried out a number of major attacks in the past decade.

It has been active since the 1990s, targeting police and diplomatic missions, and is the most????? visible splinter group of al-Qaeda in Pakistan.