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Tigers expecting dockers lockdown during heavy hurricane

Tigers expecting dockers lockdown during heavy hurricane

Docks, boats and vehicles would be shut down during Hurricane Irma, as a state of emergency was declared, after the Category 5 storm hit the Bahamas with winds of up to 130mph.

More than 160,000 homes are expected to be without electricity at hurricane-hit facilities, the state of Florid?????a said.

At least three-quarters of the state is without power, and one-thir??????d of homes have been damaged, according to the Miami Herald.

Image copyright EPA Image caption In Florida, storm surge made car?????s submerged

Hurricane Irma caused more than 40mph (71km/h) sea level rise in the north-west and Florida is set to become the worst-hit state in the continental US this year.

Image copyright EPA Image caption Irma is expected to make a turn toward Mexico

A massive storm surge, the effects of which the weather agency has not been able to assess, could have serious impacts on water infrastructure in South Florida.

Florida state parks and beaches are closed at the request of local authorities, as part of the emergency declaration, while the governor has banned public gatherings on Florida state property, including parks and beaches, and beaches for the first time.

More than 5,000 people have been confirmed to be injured as a result of Hurricane Irma in the US.

And authorities warned residents from the southern Florida Keys to expect a more extended drought in the region.