The Weekly Round-Up: March 21-27

Author: Mohib

I need a boyfriend gay

20 Funny T-Shirt Quotes – I Need A New Boyfriend – Mr. Charlie, ‘Shame, Shame’! :-P

Et tu Adobe? – IMHO, most of those submitted are terrible, terrible weak concepts. What say you?

For the good cause: USD $3607 for the Eastern Australian Flood Victims! – Many Congrats Jacob Cass! You’ve just served as a great example to the industry. :-)

Astonishing Free Typography Wallpapers – Really awesome and interesting stuff.

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  1. Ryan

    Hilarious. Ghey indeed :D

  2. Some people are crazy to see boobies but when they dont find them, they start making boobies with a pen :-D Even on a t-shirt :p

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