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The new wordless Starbucks logo irks brand loyal clients

Author: Mohib

new starbucks wordless logo Thousands of customers have expressed annoyance over this month’s announcement by the coffee giant which takes away the words “STARBUCKS COFFEE” inclosing its iconic green sea nymph while displaying her face even larger. This marks the first major logo change since their inception in 1992. The indignation also went viral on the internet, with hundreds of Facebook groups being created to curse the change. Experts at Penn State, West Virginia University, and Rice University in the United States collaborated to analyze why clients react negatively to logo redesigns such as the one by Starbucks, one of the world’s largest coffee companies. They concluded that the brand loyal customers of any brand feel the most annoyed by a logo change and are the most likely to quit using the company’s products because of it, as they feel threatened by such changes to famous logos. The new Starbucks logo will be followed out in early March, commemorating the 40th anniversary of the opening of its flagship location in downtown Seattle, as they feel the new logo will help them expand beyond coffee into new international markets and product lines, including teas called “Starbucks Coffee Tea“.

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