The Beatles Logo

Beatles Logo

Viewed by critics and fans alike as the greatest and most important group in the history of recorded music, The Beatles have arguably made the most enduring bodies of composition and performance in twentieth-century music.

Formed in Liverpool in 1960, the most commercially successful lineup of the band consisted of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. The Beatles are the best-selling band of all-time, having sold about 1 billion records worldwide.


The legendary “drop-T” logo of The Beatles is one of the most famous logos in music and popular culture. While the logo has never been featured on the original albums of The Beatles, it holds an intimate appearance throughout the early years of the group.

The Beatles logo has adorned Ringo Starr’s drum kit from 1963, and has been used as The Beatles’ official emblem. It was even filed as a trademark by Apple Corps in the 1990s.

The drop-T Beatles logo came into existence nearly by an incident. Ringo Starr and the manager of the band, Brian Epstein, visited Drum City to look for an alternative for Starr’s Premier kit in April 1963. They initially wanted an all-black kit, but Ringo later liked a swatch of Ludwig’s new oyster black pearl finish on the desk of Arbiter, the saxophone repairer who also worked as a part time drummer. Ringo was told that such thing was only available on Ludwig brand, so he finally made up his mind to buy that drum set. Arbiter luckily had a Ludwig Downbeat kit available for £238, but Epstein was unwilling to pay for the drums. They reached a settlement, and Arbiter somehow agreed to trade the drums in exchange of his beaten-up old Premier kit.

Epstein was informed that Ludwig’s name would be featured on the bass drum head, as part of a distribution deal with the company. Epstein agreed, though he demanded The Beatles’ name, too, on it.

Shape and Font of The Beatles Logo:

Arbiter designed the celebrated typogaphic “drop-T” logo of The Beatles almost on-the-spot and hurriedly sketched it onto a piece of paper. The capital B and dropped T were supposed to underline the word “beat”. Epstein paid £5 to Drum City for fixing up the artwork, which was finally painted onto the drum head by a local sign writer named Eddie Stokes. The custom-designed typeface has now been referred to as “Bootle”.

Color of The Beatles Logo:

The black color used in The Beatles logo depicts the seminal influence and undisputed supremacy of the band.