Target Logo

Target Logo

Target Corporation is the second largest discount retailer company in United States, with more than 351,000 employees and $2.21 billion of net income as of 2009. Founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1902, Target Corporation has its headquarters on Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis.


The Target logo is an ideal example of an ingenious, simple design.

Shape and Color of the Target Logo:

It was quite a difficult task for the designer to create a logo with obvious imagery. On the other hand, the homocentric circle-within-a-circle interpretation of a target is outstandingly simple and communicates universally. While designing this classic logo, the thickness of the negative space, which makes the third ring on the target, was determined very carefully and skillfully.

The target logo utilizes the red and white palette which holds the simplicity from shape to color, and looks brilliant with the overall brand imagery. The red color represents purity and business responsibility of the company.

Font of the Target Logo:

The Target logo uses the Helvetica Neue Bold font.