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Suzuki Logo

Suzuki Logo

Suzuki Motor Corporation is a global Japanese car manufacturer headquartered in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka that produces automobiles, engines, motorcycles and ATVs. One of the largest automakers in the world by production volume, the company employs more than 45,000 people with 35 production facilities in 23 countries and 133 distributors in 192 countries worldwide. A few important subsidiaries of Suzuki include Maruti Suzuki, Magyar Suzuki and Pak Suzuki Motor.


Shape of the Suzuki Logo:

The corporate “S” logo of Suzuki was introduced in 1954 and, after standing the test of time for more than five decades, it remains one of the most iconic and memorable car logos ever created. It played a vital role in the successful brand history, serving as a strong visual sign of the company’s competence and brilliance.

The Suzuki logo is a prime example of a very simple, clean yet visually appealing and authoritative design.

Color of the Suzuki Logo:

The red color in the Suzuki logo represents passion, determination and vitality, whereas the blue color depicts strength and harmony.