Subaru Logo

Subaru Logo

Subaru is the car manufacturing wing of Fuji Heavy Industries Co., Ltd (FHI), one of the leading Japanese transportation conglomerates. Fuji Heavy Industries was founded on July 15, 1953, as a result of successful merger of five Japanese companies, namely Fuji Kogyo, Fuji Jidosha Kogyo, Omiya Fuji Kogyo, Utsunomiya Sharyo and Tokyo Fuji Sangyo. Subaru specializes in all-wheel drive automobiles, most notably the Subaru Forester and the Outback.


the Pleiades

Shape of the Subaru Logo:

Subaru, as well as its logo, owes largely to the Pleiades, the famous star cluster in the constellation Taurus. The cluster is known as “Subaru” in Japanese language, which roughly means “to govern” or “combine” in English.

The huge star in the Subaru logo depicts Fuji Heavy Industries, while the five smaller stars visualizes the current five companies that were merged under the FHI group.

Color of the Subaru Logo:

The Pleiadesis is prevailed by hot blue stars that have been constituted within the last 100 million years, therefore making up the color scheme for the Subaru logo.

Font of the Subaru Logo:

The font used in the Subaru logo is a slight modification of the Microgramma typeface.