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Steinway & Sons Logo

Steinway & Sons Logo Steinway & Sons (or Steinway) is an American and German producer of handmade pianos. The company was established in 1853 in New York City by Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg. As one of the most famous and innovative piano manufacturers in the world, Steinway & Sons have earned around 130 patents – the most ever by a piano company.


The original Steinway & Sons logo, conceptualized by William Steinway, was first featured on key lids in 1865 and was registered in 1876. Shape of Steinway & Sons Logo: The Steinway & Sons logo is almost symmetrical and artistically places two S’s in a Rorschach configuration. With such a placement in least additional activity, the symbol distinctly portrays a lyre with an ampersand positioned in the center. The bottom features three foot petals, the middle one formulated by Steinway in 1875. Although there is some embellishment employed to decorate and beautify the mark, the overall design stops short of being ruffled, and it has remarkably survived over the years. The picture above includes logos from 1885, 1909, 1929, and 2002. The current logo of Steinway & Sons was inaugurated in 1955.

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