Sony Ericsson Logo

Sony Ericsson Logo

Sony Ericsson is an extremely popular mobile handset maker that excels in mobile telecommunications and technologies. It was established in October 2001. Basically a joint venture between Sony Corporation, the Japanese consumer electronics company and Ericsson, the Swedish telecommunications company who had mutual admiration for each other’s achievements and ethics. They decided to join hands rather than locking horns in a fiercely competitive world of mobile phones. In 2009, Sony Ericsson stood as the world’s fourth largest mobile manufacturer trailing Nokia, Samsung and LG respectively.

Sony Ericsson stands as one of the youngest mobile phone companies in the cut-throat mobile world of today. This very fact is enough to help it have a stream of loyal customers who eagerly await Sony Ericsson’s trendy and stylish mobile handsets and flock to their outlets whenever a brand new mobile phone enters the market.

Recent reports suggest branding managers at Sony Ericsson are interested in coming up with a brand new logo with unique colors. It may be possible that the marketing team wants to introduce its new mobile devices in style and by unveiling changes they hope to achieve it. It still needs to be seen if there will be a change in the overall Sony Ericsson logo and color scheme.


The Sony Ericsson logo stands as one of the world’s most recognized logos, truly depicting the brand of the twin companies and giving a boost to its business identity. The logo is one of the pioneers in the revolutionary ‘Web 2.0?, a bandwagon of the newest internet technologies.

Shape of the Sony Ericsson Logo:

The Sony Ericsson logo is the depiction of a glowing 3D sphere. A close look into the sphere reveals the combination of “S" and “E” which stand for Sony and Ericsson respectively. The seamless integration of these two letters symbolizes the revolutionary collaboration between the two communication giants.

Color of the Sony Ericsson Logo:

Fresh green and silver are the two colors that the Sony Ericsson logo comprises of. The combination of both the lively colors brings a unique and contemporary look to the logo. It also displays the company’s charisma and style which helped it to grow rapidly within a decade.

Font of the Sony Ericsson Logo:

The font of the Sony Ericsson logo is just as stylish and trendy as the green-silver logo which brings a modern, sci-fi feel to the brand.