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Slipknot Logo The origins of the Slipknot logo goes back to 1995 when an American heavy metal band was founded in Des Moines, Iowa. The band has produced music which is extremely enraging and is characterized by recurring changes of pace and affluent sonic detours. Slipknot is identified as an alternative metal post-Korn music band that gained immense popularity thanks to the neo-shock rock of Marilyn Manson-esque proportions. They are dubbed as the pioneers of the so-called late 1990s new-metal explosion. Chris Fehn, Corey Taylor, Craig Jones, Jim Root, Joey Jordison, Paul Gray, Shawn “Clown” Crahan and Sid Wilson feature in the current line-up of Slipknot. Each of the band member sports a unique Halloween mask and costumes. Instead of nicknames, every band member is identified by numbers 0-8 which spices up their mysterious popularity. The band’s debut album, titled “Slipknot” was released in 1999. After the phenomenal debut success, “Iowa” and “Vol.3” became smash hits when they were released in 2001 and 2004 respectively. Slipknot’s fourth album was released in 2008. The legendary success of the alternative heavy metal band paved the way for 6 Grammy awards including, “duality”, “let behind”, “my plague” and “wait and bleed”. Slipknot today stands as the one of the most popular heavy metal groups of the contemporary music scene thanks to the mesmerizing singing, powerful lyrics and controversial stage antics that enables the band to capture the hearts and minds of its followers across the globe.


The slipknot logos come in different colors most of them black, red and white in color. However, the logo featured above is the most frequently used logo. Shape of the Slipknot Logo: The Slipknot logo comprises of a black rectangle with the band name inscribed in metallic effect. Color of the Slipknot Logo: The black background brings an edgy and stylish look to the Slipknot logo. The whiteness is the symbol of the Slipknot compositions’ purity. Font of the Slipknot Logo: The font style of the logo is an inspiration from the devil which can be explained by the use of the violence that can be witnessed during Slipknot’s live performances and song videos.

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