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Shell Logo

Shell Logo

The word “Shell” has immensely endorsed the commercial endeavors of the Anglo-Dutch oil company for over a century. The yellow-red Shell logo continues to play a very important role in the advancement of the company’s interests. A look at the Shell logo reveals the exclusive characteristics that attract the viewers’ attention. It is a projection of outstanding professionalism and a hallmark of the company’s exceptional position worldwide.

The Shell logo is undoubtedly one of the world’s most recognized logos. The company started its business in 1904, primarily dealing in trading, transportation and shipping. The first ever company emblem unveiled was known as “Pecten” that introduced Shell’s premium products in its first year of operations. The shell insignia’s popularity grew at the same proportion of its products and services.


The Shell logo came under considerable changes over the years but the essence of the shell graphic never changed. Raymond Loewy designed the present day Shell logo in 1971. The Shell logo was one of the most impressive designs created by the versatile designer.

Shape of Shell Logo:

Shell logo is the representation of the hard protective outer case of a mollusk that is part of the eco-cycle of oil exploration. This illustration is in line with the company’s name and ethics. The Shell logo is a narration of the corporation’s exceptional reputation and charisma. Despite the redesigning of the Shell logo, the logo retains its power, strength and supremacy to date.

Color of Shell Logo:

The Shell logo is a graceful adaptation of highlighting colors. The use of red and yellow epitomizes the Shell logo’s beauty and elegance. Samuel and Company’s tin shipping containers were painted a shade of the red, hence paving the way for the presence of red tint in the Shell emblem.

Font of Shell Logo:

The Shell logo employs a very simple and unique way to remember the typeface that enhances the qualities of the oil company and features the high-class products. The alphabets in the Shell logo are depicted in bold font that projects the high standing of the company’s position in the corporate world.