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Samsung unveils new logo for London 2012 Olympic Campaign

Author: Mohib

Samsung Olympic Visual Identity System London 2012 new logo Samsung unveiled an exclusive new logo on Monday, June 13, to be used on all its London 2012 Olympic campaigns and advertising, particuarly the sponsorship of the Olympic Torch Relay. The new logo, designed by the award winning London-based graphic designer Kate Moross, has been termed as the “Samsung Olympic Visual Identity System” (SOVIS). The company states that the logo has been solely created to visualize an open invitation to the general public, deliberately coinciding with the marketing campaign’s “Everyone’s Olympic Games” strapline.

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  1. Stephanie

    The logo looks cool. But I am a bit on the fence with the Olympics logo being featured in it. Looks a bit amateurish. Just to share, I recently got my logo design made by the designing team at http://www.logodesignplanet.co.uk and it turned out excellent. For the price I paid of only 89 pounds, it was definitely the best deal out there for a logo design. It came out fantastic and I highly recommend that site. Anyway, thanks for posting.

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