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Roxy Logo

Roxy Logo

Roxy is the women’s version of the world famous Quiksilver brand. It was launched in 1990 when Quiksilver marketed its first-ever swimwear for women which was well-received. The brand prides itself in delivering an exhilarating lifestyle and the pioneer of extreme sports accessories. The company’s range today includes clothing, sportswear, women’s snowboards, and accessories including jewelery, handbags, footwear and many other items.

Roxy’s approach is hands-on and progressive which appeals girls from all walks of life. The Quiksilver brand actively sponsors surfing events on both the east and west coasts of America as well as several championships in Hawaii, Southern California and other popular surfing spots. Roxy also actively involves itself with autograph signings and endorsements by professional surfers in its outlets.

Ever since the creation of Roxy logo in 1993 it has received tremendous popularity and has become an icon of extreme sports women. It draws heavy inspiration from the Quiksilver logo.


The Roxy logo sets a fine precedent of a customer-friendly logo that fully satisfies the expectations of the consumers and puts the brand into perspective. The emotional and spiritual vibe is what defines Roxy and connects it with the customers. The Roxy logo fetches tremendous success for the company in general and the extreme sports culture in particular.

Shape of the Roxy Logo:

The Roxy logo is a combination of the Quiksilver logo facing each other with the shape of a heart placed inside. The crest with the shape of a heart embossed brings the soft feminine touch to the Roxy logo and truly evokes feelings of affection, compassion, and love while capturing the substance of the brand.

Color of the Roxy Logo:

White and light blue are the colors that make up the Roxy logo and can be described as essentially feminine. Traditionally, these colors are identified with peace, tranquility, and gentleness.

The Roxy logo is an attractive logo that invokes the curiosity of people and makes them want to find out more about the brand.

Font of the Roxy Logo:

The Roxy logo font is deliberately kept soft and simple to appeal women.