Red Cross Logo

Red Cross Logo

The American Red Cross (often called the American National Red Cross; abbreviated as ARC) is a famous humanitarian organization. It is the leading provider of disaster relief, education, community services and emergency assistance inside the United States of America. The current President and CEO of the organization is Gail J. McGovern.


The American Red Cross logo is a well-known symbol and is placed on almost every medical vehicle and hospital building for its protection against a possible military attack.

Shape of the Red Cross Logo:

The American Red Cross logo consists of a Greek red cross on a white background. It was introduced as a protection symbol at the 1864 Geneva Convention. The emblem was basically derived from the Swiss flag and has no intentional religious implications.

Color of the Red Cross Logo:

The red color in the Red Cross logo symbolizes health, lively activity and dynamism, while the white color represents purity and peace.