Recycle Logo

Recycle Logo

Buy any product and you’ll most probably find the recycle logo (or symbol) appearing on it. The motive of the logo on the products is to generate awareness among the masses and to encourage them to do their bit to promote the process of recycling and identify the materials that are recyclable.

The recycling logo came into global recognition in early 1970s when a design contest was held in high schools and colleges nationwide by the Chicago-based Container Corporation of America (CCA). The initiative was taken to promote awareness of the rising environmental issues. It was also done to design a symbol for recycled glass, cardboard boxes and other materials.

The winning logo was designed by Gary Anderson, a 23-year-old student of the University of Southern California. Unveiled on the first-ever Earth day, Anderson’s concept originated from August Ferdinand’s work who was a 19th century mathematician.

The recycling logo can be used by everyone as it is not registered as a trademark. Strict restrictions are in place to make sure the logo is not used on goods that are not recyclable as they can be misleading to the customers. Initially, the CCA sought to get a trademark of the recycling logo but their claims were challenged, forcing the company to abandon its rights.


Being one of the most recognizable logo design of the world, the recycle symbol bears the importance of making good use of the materials we use and utilize them to save the planet.

Shape of the Recycle Logo:

The recycle logo comprises of three arrows in a triangle. The design forms a twisted Möbius strip indicating the cycle it is involved in. It bears the message that recycling is an extremely beneficial activity for the environment as well as to the economy.

Color of the Recycle Logo:

The recycle logo arrows are green coloured with black outlines which signify health, environment and renewal.

The recycle logo is very vital to the planet as it conveys an important message to us.