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Racing days over for all too hard to miss

Racing days over for all too hard to miss. The crowd is in full frenzy and the fans are just waiting for the race to end. The race course is a race track, like the famous track at Le Mans.

The field of cars starts at around 3:00 PM, and as it gets close to finish, the top five drivers from each of the three classes battle to win the championship.

The top ten finishers form a field for the main event. They compete in the qualifying rounds where all driver?????s will race one another until a single winner is declared. The drivers that are eliminated due to crashes are the final five; drivers who do not qualify for the main event receive points towards their championship points. These points give the drivers points for points’ sake, based on the current standings. Once the top ten get through the qualifying rounds, they begin to battle to have a chance to be in the main event. At s???ome point, each driver, or as many as they can find, can drop out, leaving only the remaining five drivers in the main event.

If the driver who gets the most points is still there in qualifying, they drop out, but if all three drivers that made it to the main event have dropped out by the time the drivers meet for the main event, that driver is the winner! If only three drivers make it through qualifying in the main event, the top five drivers go head to head for the victory in the final quarter mile. The driver who gets the final ten starts their race for the championship, and when the race ends, they both grab the biggest win possible.

The final quarter mile is also a race course, and for this year there are two different rules. The starting line and the finish line are located in the same area as the starting line and finishing line of the Le Mans 24 Hours of Le Mans, which is why some fans will skip the starting and finishing line. Instead, drivers will make an illegal left turn on the start line, and it is not possible to start and finish in the same exact spot, which is not even allowed for track days. On the final quarter mile, you are allowed to stop anywhere in the middle of the quarter mile, as long as you are moving in the right direction and if you have a camera on you, you can record your race. There are also additional cars going for the lead after the race starts to avoid penal???ties, which is why cars with lead times of nearly one second will make it through, but the fastest driver will have a lot of hel