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Qantas Logo

Qantas Logo New Qantas Airways Limited, based in Sydney, is the flag carrier of Australia. Qantas is an acronym for “Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services”. The second oldest in the world, the airline was founded in Winton, Queensland in November 1920. With total assets of 19.91 billion AUD as of 2010, Qantas was voted the seventh best airline in the world by Skytrax.


Qantas Logo Evolution Old logos The Qantas logo depicts a kangaroo and the planes of the airline are readily recognizable with the unique red tails and the white kangaroo on them. One of the most memorable airline logos ever, the emblem has gone through several modifications throughout the years.


The original Qantas logo, which hugely borrows from the Australian one penny coin, has been overhauled four times since its birth in 1944. It displayed the kangaroo, the primary element of the logo, for the first time, which was illustrated below the cockpit of the first Liberator aircraft of the company.


The winged kangaroo symbol was designed by the legendary Sydney based graphic designer Gert Sellheim. It was unveiled in January 1947 to celebrate the debut of Lockheed L749 Constellations. The aircraft, which featured the Flying Kangaroo, became functional on the UK service in December 1947, operating directly to London. The kangaroo was depicted to carry the globe with its feet.


In the 1968 redesign, the Flying Kangaroo was placed in a circle while the globe was removed.


Qantas introduced a modified logo in June 1984, created by Tony Lunn of the Lunn Design Group, Sydney. The Flying Kangaroo lost its wings yet again and was fine-tuned to a more delicate, stylized display.


The current Qantas logo, designed by Hans Hulsbosch of Hulsbosch Communications, was unveiled in July 2007. The modifications in the new logo, while giving it a more contemporary and modernistic look, were attributed to the changes in the structure of the tail of the aircrafts. Hans made the feet of the kangaroo look more visually distinctive and they don’t appear to touch the ground. On the other hand, the tail of the kangaroo seems to be pointed more upwards than it was before. The italicized font of the new Qantas logo is made more easy, playful and unique, while displaying a more substantial lean. The new Qantas logo is now appearing on other products too, like the HSBC Australia platinum card.

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