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Puma Logo

Puma Logo

Puma is a Germany-based multinational outfit that is famous for manufacturing one of the most sophisticated sportswear and athletic shoes in the world. The company’s soccer shoes are known for their durability and ground-breaking designs. Puma is the proud sponsor of more than 30 national soccer teams in five different FIFA confederations. Furthermore, the sports giant has also enjoyed endorsement of some famous soccer celebrities like Pelé, Diego Maradona, Johan Cruyff, Enzo Francescoli and Lothar Matthäus. Puma’s track suits and running shoes are simply one of the best in the world.

To project its superior sports products, the company wanted a logo design that projected its aggressive image in the market. Puma’s first logo was drawn in 1948. The 62-year-old Puma logo, with minor amendments, still dominates the world stage while delivering a roaring message to athletes around the globe to be courageous and challenging.


The leaping Puma logo depicts the company’s dashing corporate image and the durability of its products. The use of a bold font with the leaping cat on one side instantly casts an impression on the user of the product. The logo embodies agility as well as adventure thanks to the use of bold and daring logo design elements.

Shape of the Puma Logo:

As mentioned above, the Puma logo is a sign of courage and challenge. The leaping Puma, another term for cougar, is depicted in the Puma logo. The reflection of the power and energy of this Puma can be seen in its products. The Puma logo alone is a showcase of the company’s reliable products that enjoy a high reputation in the international sportswear market.

Color of the Puma Logo:

Despite the very objective logo design, the company has bravely brought in a few innovations to the Puma logo. However, the changes never compromised the originality of the decades old design reinforcing its continued commitment and brand identity. The black hue-based Puma logo of today is a depiction of the company’s immense supremacy and belief in itself.

Font of the Puma Logo:

The Puma logo invokes the feelings of authority and confidence in the athletes around the world. The Puma logo typeface, which has remained the same since 1948, highlights the basic sportsman spirit that is both uniform and universal. The bold font in Puma logo is the projection of the company’s stability and dominance.