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Police investigate jet ski fatality

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Police investigate jet ski fatality

A man who is reported to be being held in custody after a plane crash with a body on board died when it plunged off the runway at Melbourne Airport, officials said.

State Emergency Services said it was responding to reports of a large jet ski hitting the runway, with two bodies believed to have been on board.

Police said two bodies were found on a second-floor floor of a nearby building and other bodies were believed to be on site at the crash site.

Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart told reporters outside the airport at about 1.20pm (AEST) that the pilot of a “large plane” in good condition had been taken to hospital.

He did not say whether anyone was injured.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, the Federal Aviation Authority confirmed there had been a loss of information and that there was not yet a safety plan in place for the flight.

Mr Stewart said the aircraft, a Airbus A320-200, was schedul???ed to land at about 2am local time (3am AES?????T) on an A$300 million, 24-hour contract.

No one on board had been injured and the aircraft’s cockpit remained operable, he said.

A second runway was opened to allow passengers out for a while after the incident was reported, officials said.

The body, believed to be that of a 28-year-old man, was found about three kilometres away on a ground floor of the terminal building as emergency services worked to locate its remains.

The crash site is at the west end of the jet ski.

The pilot of the first-class cargo jet on the route between Melbourne Airport and Cairns airport, who had flown the aircraft with seven other people and was not under contract with the airline, “escorted” his engine and the aircraft landed safely in S?????ydney.

“I want people to understand the safety plan is not working because we don’t know what happened. There’s no information because we have no indication of what occurred,” said Mr Stewart.

“We don’t know whether this incident was planned, or accidental or anything else. We just don’t know what happened. I’d like to reassure our passengers that the safety of everyone involved is our highest priority, and we are taking the appropriate actions.”

The jet ski had taken off at 3.30pm from Melbourne Airport and landed on the west runway, about seven kilometres away.

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