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Playstation Logo The PlayStation, often shortened as PS, is a popular series of video game consoles manufactured by Sony Computer Entertainment. Originally launched on December 3, 1994 in Japan, PlayStation has now become one of the largest and most successful brands worldwide in the gaming industry and consumer electronics.


Playstation Logo Concepts Logos Shape and Colors of the PlayStation Logo: When the PlayStation brand was being conceptualized in 1994, more than three dozen logo concepts were presented for final selection. The iconic PlayStation logo depicts an incorporated PS using four bright colors that symbolize joy, passion and excellence. It was created by Japanese designer Manabu Sakamoto who also designed a few other logos for Sony, including the famous VIAO logo. The PlayStation logo is regarded as one of the most instantly recognizable and memorable logos in the gaming industry. Font of the PlayStation Logo: The PlayStation logo features a custom typeface also designed by Sakamoto specifically for the company.

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