Philadelphia Eagles Logo

Philadelphia Eagles Logo

The Philadelphia Eagles was established in 1933. It is a famous American football team with headquarters based in Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After the merger of National Football League (NFL) with American Football League in 1970, Philadelphia Eagles joined the East Division of the National Football Conference (NFC). The merger was prompted when the Frankford Yellow Jackets, Philadelphia’s chief representative in the NFL, went bust.

The first decade of the Philadelphia Eagles was marked with continuous struggles both on and off the field. The team managed to change their fate later on after they clinched three NFL trophies from 1948 to 1960 topped with two Super Bowl appearances.

After retaining the same Kelly green, silver and white teams colors for more than two decades, the Eagles decided to modify both the uniform and team logo in 1960. A darker shade of the primary green, known as Midnight green, replaced Kelly green. The uniform trousers have either been white or midnight green since then.


The name Philadelphia Eagles comes from the Blue Eagle symbol which was used as the logo of the New Deal Stimulus Program introduced during the 1930s Great Depression. The same Blue Eagle of the New Deal Stimulus Program stands as the Philadelphia Eagles logo as well.

Previously, the team logo was an eagle with a football clutched in its claws. The logo was updated in 1996 and now bears a more realistic look with the face featured more prominently.

Shape of the Philadelphia Eagles Logo:

The current Philadelphia Eagles’ logo is the bald eagle’s head. The design is a combination of a cartoon-based style and some realistic strokes making the Eagle’s look inspirational and rousing. The eagle is a symbol of team’s lofty spirit and ingenuity.

Color of the Philadelphia Eagles Logo:

The head of the bald eagle is highlighted in both light and dark shades of blue with white also playing a dominant role in defining the main facial area. The outlines of the logo are done with light blue shading on the neck. The team’s integrity and confidence are painted with the shades of white and blue.