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Pepsi Logo

Pepsi Logo

The Pepsi logo, just like the world’s favourite beverage, has evolved over a long period of time and has become an all time recognizable logo across the planet. Despite the lapse of over a 100 years, Pepsi Cola still leads the beverages industry and continues to capture the hearts and minds of millions of consumers with its dazzling taste and refreshing qualities.

The production of Pepsi Cola kicked off on 16th June 1903. The logo that was designed back then remains more or less the same with minor innovations. Caleb Bradham, the man who founded the company, basically scribbled a design which later went on to gather fame. Sensing the success of his ground breaking drink, he came up with a logo and that centered on curves.

The first visible changes were made in 1940 and 1950, when red and blue colors replaced the original red logo along with a slight alteration to the shape. Another change to the logo was made in 1962 when the word “Cola” was dropped from the logo, making it just “Pepsi”. The logo again embraced some minor changes on its centennial anniversary in 1998, with Pepsi’s success reflected by a sphere which still is part of the world’s most popular logo today.

Pepsi logo evolution


Despite the passage of the century and the advancement of technology and trends, the Pepsi logo design still retains its uniqueness. The mesmerising taste of Pepsi Cola can be noticed in the logo which is a combination of colors, shape and font style.

Shape of the Pepsi Logo:

The Pepsi logo is three dimensional in nature. It comprises of a globe painted with two completely opposite colors complimented with a swirl in the center that separates the two disks of the globe. The fonts appear along with the globe which gives the logo a simple but appealing look.

Color of the Pepsi Logo:

The beauty of the Pepsi logo is hidden in the use of two distinct and contrasting colors. The Pepsi font is inscribed in white. The top hemisphere’s color is red whereas the bottom one is blue in color. With red and blue combined, the logo produces an extremely tantalising spectacle that challenges the consumer to taste and become part of it.

Font of the Pepsi Logo:

The Pepsi logo font is simple yet elegant and prominent, thanks to the use of italicized roman type face.


Pepsi logo redesign

The Pepsi logo was revamped by New York-based Arnell Group for $1 million, much to the criticism of both the press and the consumers. The new design featured a “smile”, with a less formal rounded lowercase typeface.