Oracle Logo

Oracle Logo

Oracle Corporation is a world-renowned American computer technology firm known for its computer hardware systems and enterprise software products such as database management systems. One of the largest software companies in the world, Oracle employs more than 113,644 people worldwide with total assets of US$ 78.3 billion as of 2010.


Shape and Color of the Oracle Logo:

The name “Oracle” originates from the code-name of a CIA-funded project that the company’s co-founder, Larry Ellison, had previously worked on. The Oracle logo uses typographic elements from the company name. It is prime example of a technically appealing and modernistic wordmark. The logotype maintains a simple and clean style while utilizing a fresh primary color, i.e. red.

The overall theme of the logo adds a graphic architecture to severalize the new division from its parent, Sun Microsystems, yet with amazing vibrancy and adaptability.

Font of the Oracle Logo:

The Oracle logo features a custom-designed typeface.