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Olympus Logo

Olympus Logo

Olympus Corporation is a leading Japanese manufacturer of optics and reprography-related products, particularly cameras. Originally named as “Takachiho Seisakusho”, the company was established in 1919 initially as a producer of microscopes and thermometers. According to Japanese mythology, some eight million gods and goddesses reside in Takamagahara, which is the peak of Mt. Takachiho.

The brand name “Olympus” was adopted in 1947 because Mt. Olympus, similar to Mt. Takachiho, was to said to be the abode of tweleve Greek gods and goddesses. Olympus is closely associated with this mountain to highlight the company’s firm ambition of producing only top-quality products.


Olympus Old Logo Evolution

Shape, Color and Font of the Olympus Logo:

The earliest Olympus logo was unveiled in February 1921, and was used for microscopes and related products of the company. This “Olympus Tokyo” logo is still in use today. In certain cases, OIC (Optical Industrial Company) was featured in the logo instead of Tokyo. The emblem was used for the GT-I and GT-II endoscope models, and many other products.

In 1970, a simple, typographic logo was introduced which was created which a special emphasis on the notions of quality and sophistication in the products of the company.

The current Olympus logo was unveiled in 2001. It features a yellow line in the lower side of the logo, often termed as the “Opto-Digital Pattern”. The line depicts light and boundless possibilities of digital technology, and the dynamism and innovation of the cutting-edge Opto-Digital Technology of the Olympus Corporation. The company name is written in blue, using a very simple and easy font style.