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Olympic Airlines Logo

Olympic Airlines Logo

Olympic Airlines was the flag carrier airline company of Greece, headquartered in Athens. It provides services for 35 local destinations and over 39 countries world-wide. Its main base was at the Athens International Airport, with a hub at Thessaloniki International Airport, Macedonia.

On 29 September 2009 Olympic Airlines discontinued all of its flight operations and Olympic Air, the successor airline company, commenced flights, while using the same company logo.


Even though the Olympic Airlines logo is similar to that of the Olympic Games, the airline, however, is not named after the famous international sporting event. The airline company was named after the Twelve Olympians, the principal grouping of gods and goddesses in Greek mythology, residing in Mount Olympus.

Shape of the Olympic Airlines Logo:

According to history, the Olympic Airways’s earliest logo consisted of a white eagle, resembling a propeller, with five rings and the name “Olympic”. After two years of its establishment, Onassis, the Greek shipping-magnate, asked his associates to create a new logo and after that the colored rings came into the picture. Onassis was inspired by the five colored rings of the Olympic Games logo so he took inspiration from it, but the International Olympic Committee claimed the rights to the logo, therefore a new logo with 6 rings was introduced. The five rings represent the five continents while the sixth one depicts Greece.

Colors of the Olympic Airlines Logo:

The colors used in the Olympic Airlines logo are yellow, red and blue on a white background.