Olivetti Logo

Olivetti Logo

Olivetti is an Italian company that manufactures computers, printers and other business machines. Founded in 1908 by Camillo Olivetti, the company was greatly expanded in the later years by his son Adriano Olivetti.


The Olivetti logotype was created by Swiss graphic designer Walter Ballmer. The original logo, conceptualized by Camillo Olivetti, was overhauled by Xanti Schawinsky, Giovanni Pintori, and Marcello Nizzoli before being restyled by Ballmer in 1970.

Shape and Color of the Olivetti Logo:

The Olivetti logotype attains its cohesiveness from the compact packing of the eight letters, with their small ascenders of equal length. The dots of the i’s are somewhat reminiscent of a typewriter key, while the radiused corners of the lowercase characters renders a more playful and approachable visual aspect. In addition, the stylistic treatment of the letter e adds distinctive originality and freshness to this memorable logotype. The logotype uses Pantone Process Blue as well as Black color.

The new Olivetti logo, featuring red color, is a slight extension of the classic Olivetti logotype.