Obama 2012 Re-election Campaign Logo Unveiled

Author: Mohib

Obama 2012 Re-election Campaign Logo TShirts United States President Barack Obama has just announced his plans to run for re-election this week. Person-to-person campaigning is seen on his official website BarackObama.com, where comments and tweets have been posted from supporters, and a new logo for 2012 Re-election Campaign has been unveiled.

Barack Obama 2008 Logo:

Barack Obama 2008 Election Campaign Logo Obama’s 2008 Election Campaign featured the famous ‘Rising Sun’ logo, which was designed by Sol Sender of Chicago-based design agency Sender LLC. It consisted of a rising sun in a blue sky depicting “a new day”. The red and white colored stripes in the logo design were prominently used to symbolize the American flag, and the emblem was encircled in the zero of ‘08’.

Obama 2012 Re-election Campaign Logo:

Barack Obama 2012 Re-election Campaign Logo The 2012 Re-election Campaign logo also exhibits the same “new day” idea. The only change being the placement of the “O” bearing the rising sun and plains. What’s more, the logo replaces the “0″ in “2012″.

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