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Nokia Logo

Nokia Logo

Nokia is a Finnish communications giant known for its superior mobile phones and technologies around the world. Nokia Corporation’s products include many innovative and dependable mobile handsets, smartphones and other multimedia devices.

The company’s humble beginnings were a hydel power plant which was founded in 1871 by two businessmen Fredrik Idestam and Leo Mechelin. Nokia turned its business direction towards telecommunication in 1960s and went on to become a global pioneer in telecommunications and network equipment.

Nokia logo is a reflection of the company’s philosophy of simplicity, reliability and ease of connectivity. The brilliant logo design of Nokia Corporation offers the people to explore possibilities. The Nokia slogan ‘Connecting People’ is a true reflection of the company’s ethos as well as the simplistic logo. The simple yet effective Nokia slogan furnishes the brand an effective and exceptionally emotive goal that gives it a prominent name in the telecommunication industry. The slogan focuses on the company’s goal to get people connected without barriers or boundaries.


The Nokia logo illustration is a simple piece of art which shows two people extending hands to each other. This gives the customers a message how Nokia Corporation really believes in bringing people together and bridge the gap.

Shape of the Nokia Logo:

The Nokia logo is subtle yet brilliantly conveys the company’s corporate image. Nokia logo is extremely simple only to be topped up with a well-defined slogan. Nokia’s products are known for their simplicity and ease of use, hence the Nokia logo is an expression of the vast range of mobile telecommunication products that millions of people around the world use on a daily basis.

Color of the Nokia Logo:

A dark blue tint of Nokia logo demonstrates the distinguishing corporate identity of Tampere-based Nokia Corporation. The use of blue shades reflect on the firm’s credibility and reliance while enhancing the company’s quest for innovation and improvement.

Font of the Nokia Logo:

The Nokia Corporation logo uses a bold typeface which is plain and powerful. The products of the Finnish company carry the Nokia logo with the same typeface engraved on them though in a smaller font size.