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Nintendo Logo

Nintendo Logo

Nintendo is a Japanese games giant that rules the video gaming industry since the last four decades. It was founded in 1889 by Fusajiro Yamuschi. Today, the company stands as Japan’s third most valuable company with an astonishing market share. The company began its business as a premium playing cards publisher in Japan, however, it transformed itself into a handheld video games manufacturer. The company also manufactures toys and popular electronic games.

Despite the hi-fi nature of Nintendo Co., the company sports a simple but attractive logo design that instantly brings the company’s illustrious creations to mind. Nintendo has used this logo ever since it entered the world of video gaming products.

The company’s plain logo design compliments Nintendo’s image among its rivals as well as its millions of followers. The pundits reckon the secret behind Nintendo’s success is its use of an expressive logo that is both intelligent and precise, just like its video games.


Part of the success of a large company rests on the use of a simple and intelligent logo design. A straightforward logotype helps Nintendo establish its name and enhances customer loyalty. Imagine life-long customers queuing up in stores only to find the Nintendo logo has been changed to something else? Could be a die-hard fan’s nightmare…

Shape of the Nintendo Logo:

Nintendo logo is encapsulated in a round-rectangle with the logo appearing in a simple but pulsating manner. It is also a logo that is equally popular among children, teenagers, adults and the elderly, who just adore the logo and instantly recognize it. It truly is a logo that is known for some of the most popular video games on the planet.

Color of the Nintendo Logo:

The only color used by the Nintendo logo is red which is due to its high visibility and attraction factors. It also reflects the company’s vivacity and passion for quality entertainment. A tint of red leaves behind a legacy on the player and reminds the person of the good time he/she had while engaged to the Nintendo.

Font of the Nintendo Logo:

The Nintendo logo employs a clear cut typeface which is good looking and catchy. The use of bold fonts lends it tremendous prominence and credibility. The Nintendo logo stands out from the rest thanks to the use of simple typeface font.