Nike Logo

Nike Logo

Nike Inc. is an established heavy weight in the world of sportswear, equipment, and leisure merchandizing. From footwear for athletes to sport accessories and apparel, Nike is the leader that dictates the sports industry, and a trendsetter that the whole world follows.

One of the secrets behind Nike’s astounding success is undoubtedly its powerful logo. It is impossible to find a sportsperson who do not know Nike or identify its almighty logo. Nike has, for decades, established a strong foothold in the world of sports thanks to its “Just do it!” slogan and the fascinating logo.

Nike started as Blue Ribbon Sports in January 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. The “Swoosh” as it is known, the Nike logo was created by Carolyn Davidson, a graphic design student of the Portland State University, and was used for the first time in June 1971. He was paid merely $35.

Think of the Swoosh, the Nike logo, and “fast” and “fluid” are the two words that will come to your mind immediately. The power behind these two words fuelled the Nike logo and helped it become one of the most striking sports insignias around the world.


The simple Nike logo is the most powerful weapon of the Oregon-based sports clothing and consumer goods manufacturer. The corporate identity of Nike heavily relies on its logo and consolidates its position as a giant in the sports industry.

Shape of the Nike Logo:

The name of the company is based on the Greek goddess of victory, Nike. The Nike logo, is the representation of the wing of the Greek goddess of victory, called Swoosh. The wing of the sacred Greek goddess is known for bringing motivation and audacious powers to the warriors. The wing shaped logo was initially regarded as “the strip" but “Swoosh” replaced it very soon.

Color of the Nike Logo:

The Swoosh has always sported a dull orange shade, exhibiting Nike Inc. powerful and confident corporate identity. Throughout the years, the Nike logo has risen to become more rigorous and revolutionary. The strong black is the other color that is used for the Swoosh.

Font of the Nike Logo:

Nike, inscribed in a very simple bold font on the logo, portrays the glorious image of Nike Inc. The slogan “Just Do It” that is sometimes an addition to the logo has been credited as the top five ad slogans of the 20th century by Advertising Age. The elegance of the font, combined with the power of the logo and the brilliance of the slogan, make the Nike logo a strong icon of passion in the world of sports and fashion.