Nickelodeon Logo

Nickelodeon Logo

Nickelodeon (also known as “Nick”) is an American cable television network launched in 1979. A division of MTV Networks, the channel is mainly aimed at children six to seventeen years of age.

Widely credited to be the first American television network exclusively for children, the channel mostly finishes in first place among all basic cable networks.


The original Nickelodeon logo was a silver pinball. After being used with several other shapes, it was replaced in 1984 by the famous splash emblem, designed by Tom Corey and Scott Nash.

Shape and Color of the old Nickelodeon Logo

The old Nickelodeon logo, as compared to other corporate logos of the time, was conservative and experimental. Considering the rounded, obliqued and friendly logotype consistently reversed out of orange blobs of different shapes, the emblem remarkably satisfied the challenge of looking fresh, yet consistent and instantly recognizable.

The use of orange color depicts cheerfulness, happiness, youthfulness, activity and energy.

Nickelodeon Logo Redesign

Nickelodeon redesigned their main logo, as well as all of the logos for their individual brands in October 2009.

The new Nickelodeon logo contained the same chromaticity of youthful orange in somewhat shinier feeling, however with all lower case letters. The splat image was replaced with a bubbly logotype which looked more friendly, eye-catching and visually distinctive, while still having a soft and playful aesthetic.