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New York Giants Logo The New York Giants is undoubtedly a brilliant team in the American football history. The Giants play in the East Division of the National Football Conference (NFC) of the National Football League (NFL). The team was founded by Tim Mara in New York in 1925 and soon managed to build up a giant fan base and capture huge national media attention. After the death of the owner in 1959, Wellington Mara, his son, assumed the presidency of the club. The Giants’ first ever appearance was in the presence of a 10,000-strong crowd in New Britain, Connecticut, that cheered them against their opponents, the All New Britain, and helped them secure a historic win. The team has bagged seven NFL championships since 1925: of which the four precedes the Super Bowl, and the three after the introduction of Super Bowl (Super Bowls XXI, XXV and XLII).


Just like their illustrious strategies adopted on the pitch to secure championship wins, the New York Giants consistently changed logos that reflected their achievements. One of the most popular ever NY Giant logo featured a player throwing the football with sheer strength. This logo is the basis of the modern NY Giants football team. Shape of the New York Giants Logo: The New York Giants logo has changed its shape in many obvious ways. From the giant player throwing the football to plain “ny” to “GIANTS”, the logos have taken many forms that give them a stylish and modern touch. The previous logos were special in a sense that the attention on stadium’s look was strongly exerted hence they resembled the football stadiums of that age. Color of the New York Giants Logo: It was not only the design of the logo but also the colors of the New York Giants logos that got refined over the period of time and sported a more vibrant and attractive feel. The “ny” logo was designed in 1961 with both the letters written in blue and red outlines. The display of blue and red portrays the confidence, courage and lively spirit of the team. Font of the New York Giants Logo: The New York Giants logo comprises of the “ny” initials in lowercase written in bold in order to give it an appealing look.

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