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New England Patriots Logo

New England Patriots Logo The New England Patriots football team was established in 1959 on the July 4 American Independence Day in Great Boston. It is also known as “Pats” by its supporters. The name Patriots is a reflection of Boston’s contribution in the American Revolution. The Patriots have been a very successful football team in the last 10 years by winning several Super Bowl trophies and creating world records. The merger of American Football League and National Football League (NFL) saw the Patriots playing in the NFL. Originally known as Boston Patriots, they changed the name to “New England Patriots” in 1971. It is the same year when they moved to their newly-constructed Schaefer Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts.


Artist Phil Bissell designed the original New England Patriots logo. It is the mascot of Patriots that depicts the image of a New England Revolutionary. Shape of the New England Patriots Logo: Strength and determination of a warrior are the two traits that were highlighted by the old New England Patriots logo. The logo of today is a reflection of the American flag. Color of the New England Patriots Logo: The original logo depicting a militiaman was used from 1961-1992. Colored blue, red and white, it seemed as if the warrior will scramble for the football. The past logo embodied the determination, motivation and willpower of the team. The New England Patriots Logo Redesign: The New England Patriots unveiled their new logo in 2000 which depicts a silver patriot with a red and navy blue striped hat. The 2000 logo is a mirror image of the one designed in 1993, though a few changes have been made, for instance the deepening of the blue shade.

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